Want to avoid bad debt?

download (1)Different companies offer different credit terms to their customers. This can be of advantage to the company but in some instances may cause the bad debt to the company. The advantage being that the customer attains ownership for the product, the credit payment is made on a later date. This practice on the other hand may inconvenience the business, the clients may default the payment leading the company to inquire serious losses. There is variation in terms of the targeted sales without allowing for debts and when debts were incurred. Companies and businesses are now targeting companies which offer debt recovery services. Their aim is to get this companies aid them in tracking such losses and recover the unpaid money.

There are however some other approaches which the company can practice to avoid such scenario, they include:

1)      Reading the signs

The companies have history records of their clients, this means they are aware of those who can default the payment. Identification of undesired debts early enough enables the company to act accordingly in time. History has a tendency of repeating itself and the company should therefore not be deceived. Those individual clients who demonstrate early signers possess greater chance of defaulting payments.

2)      Business mission and guidelines.

Each business organization has its own set up policies governing the accounts and the various departments within an organization. The policy must specify how the company interacts with the clients. The company staff should be aware of these policies and abide with it.

The policies governing the administration of debts are very similar in contents; they state the strategy to be taken with ferity put into consideration for both the stake holders, the strategy are clear and clear explained. There is need to constantly update the contents with the changes in technology to cater for the changing needs of the community.

3)      Mechanisms of making the payments

The standing concerning the criteria for which the money shall be paid should be clearly outlined. They should be easily available for retrieval and referencing incase need may be. The client can always be referred back to the source when need arises.

4)      Follow up procedures

Different customers carry out variety of activities and may sometimes forget to pay their debts in time; therefore reminders should serve the purpose to remind them to settle their accounts. The follow ups are important and if done appropriately can serve a great importance. Proper approach is also to be considered so that the customer does not see this as a frequent disturbance.

5)      Employing credit recovery professionals such as

It is very costly to establish a fully independent accounting unit. The use of debt recovery services serves as to minimize the cost. They have the relevant skills required to achieve the task. No man is an island, when you find your companies almost falling to the clip involve an expert in the field. The debts can be huge to ignore.aaaaaaaaa


The solution is here

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Effectiveness of appointing Professional Debt Recovery Agency

Recovery of debts is the most challenging taskfor businesses that have due accounts yet to receive after terms. In the business world, you will find that few clients always have a tendency to not pay the due amount on time in spite of enjoying the privilege of receiving the products or services in advance. Sometimes, they will even go to the extent of direct borrowing from any financial institution. Although a big percentage of the customers faithfully pay up their due amount on time,a few of them may default or make excuses. In order to control the situation to your advantage, you should always seek the help from professional debt recovery agency.

What is the role of a professional debt recovery agency?

In view of recovering outstanding amount, a professional debt recovery agency adopts an effective strategy that helps solve this problem of yours. Beginning from early routine reminders for making due payment to taking up the last resort of legal proceedings, all those measures which are needed for recovering the owed money are undertaken by this professional debt recovery agency. Based on the services you require, you may adopt a system through which outstanding invoices are forwarded to the professional debt recovery agency after a specific period of time. Thereafter, you can concur on a course of action with milestones, updates on specific proceedings, comprehensive reporting about the position of your outstanding invoices.

Reasons for taking the help of debt collection agency

Researches show that following-up of outstanding invoices results in gross misuse of productivity and valuable time, worse case, turns into an event of struggling for an almost impossible task. Professional debt collection agency takes up all the responsibility to recover the outstanding amount owed to you in a very effective and professional manner which may not be your forte, also eliminates issues of the follow-up process, not spending money and time continually with back and forth motions. Professional debt collection agency is empowered with the authority of imposing bad credit rating that is not sought by the companies. Hence, this“threat”eases the collection agency to achieve the desired outcome quickly. Apart from that, a professional debt collection agency can arrange alternative payment plans for debtors going through financial constraints which on many occasions become easier for resolving the problems. Therefore, appointing a professional debt collection agency is always the better option for businesses.


Role of collection agencies in loss recovery management

In the modern commercial world, role of a collection agency is quite essential, especially for businesses which have to deal with a large number of debtors. Many companies are required to be liquidated because of huge losses incurred due to bad debts or non-receipt of dues. If you happen to bea business owner, in this state, who needsloss recovery management services to stop your company from being wound up, you should think of hiring a collection agent SOON. Collection agencies effectively help you in lossrecovery management byrecovering most of your bad debts, which might be showing a huge loss in your profit and loss account.

What are collection agencies?

A collection agency is an entity that helps in the recovery of debts for their clients. In other words, they provide loss recovery management to the business organizations by acting as their collection agents. The collection agencies are specialized at collection of debts from the debtors of the businesses which hire them.As a consideration for the services provided they collect a specific amount of fee or commission, which is generally a certain percentage of the amount collected by them.

Different types of collection agents

The two most popular kinds of collection agents that provide loss recovery management services are first party agents and third party agents. Another kind of debt collection agent is the debt buyer.

  • The first party agents are subsidiaries of a company to which the debt is owed.
  • The third party agents, on the other hand, refer to the separate entities working as collection agents.Business organizations hire them on contractual basis. The third party agents charge fixed percentage of commission or fees for the collection of debts from the debtors.
  • Another special kind of collection agent providing loss recovery management services is the debt buyer. They buy the debt from the original creditor at a consideration which is a certain percentage of the whole debt amount. They, in turn, become the creditor and try to recover the amount of debt from the debtors with their own debt collection skills.

Reach of collection agents

Different collection agencies have different scales of operation. Some collection agents operate locally on a smaller scale while others might operate on a larger scale at national or international level. Therefore, you can find loss recovery management services at different levels. Debt recovery from a foreign debtor is not a big deal with collection agents operating internationally.

How collection agencies work?

The practice ofloss recovery management is regulated by law. There are different laws providing specific guidelines todebt collection in different parts of the world. However, the essence of these laws is quite similar. The collection agencies cannot take up means of coercion for recovering the debts. Generally at the initial stage of loss recovery management, the collection agents are required to send polite requests. They can subsequently make calls or meet the debtor in person and apply legal procedures to recover the debt amount.


Selecting a debt collector

Debts are recurrent for every business but how the business handles its debt collection is usually the main issue. Most business end up losing the monies owed to them due to lack of proper debt collection methods.

The most beneficial means to handle debt collection is by the use of a debt collection agency. An agency will also ensure that the relationship between the two parties is not broken. A debt agency assures the business owner of payment results.

BlogLet the Doubleaceassociates agency handle your debt recovery

How to find an efficient debt collector

The key point to consider when searching for a debt collector is finding one that supports your business cash flow and has a high success rate.

Apart from that finding an experienced licensed professional is essential. The debt collector should have a strong customer service so that you can be sure that the agency will deliver. You should choose one that you can be able to trust and be comfortable with. It is not worth risking your debt collection to an untrustworthy agency.

Things to do when seeking debt collection agency services

  1. Making a list of needs is necessary. This list should include the accounts that require payments and the monetary value and attach any supporting documents. Doing this will save you time and money and will make the debt collectors work much easier.
  2. Blog 2Do a survey of several debt recovery agencies and compare their fees with the services that they offer. It is always better to find out the history of the company’s debt collection.
  3. Check if the agency that you have preferred is licensed in their area of expertise to avoid being conned. This is because each debt collection agency usually holds a license. If the agency is a member of a certain credible association will be a plus since in case of any complications you can always visit the association.
  4. Make sure that you obtain a signed agreement so that you can be sure of delivery. Not every agency is credible so a signed agreement will comfort you in case they fail to meet their end of the agreement.
  5. In order to get an efficient debt collection agency there are some key questions that you should make sure that you ask yourself:
  • The first question is how many individuals have responsibility to my accounts?
  • How will the agency communicate to me on the progress and how often will they do this?
  • Is there a commission that is usually charged and how much is it and do they charge on contingent basis?
  • What other charges should I be aware of?

Blog-3With the right agency you are assured of debt payment

Having a debt collection agency recoup your funds will greatly help the growth of your business since you will not be afraid to build customer trust by offering debts. Make sure you do a thorough research on the agency and ask any questions that might not be clear to you so that you have an efficient debt collector.

Double ace associates is a debt recovery agency that has had high success rates and ensures that the services offered are reliable, professional, efficient and productive. With double ace you can be assured of results.


Why seek a debt collection agency

Why seek a debt collection agency

It is part of the human nature to shy off when it comes to chasing somebody so that he or she can repay a debt especially for businesses. Even though this is an issue business debts will always be around and when not treated properly it can lead to financial disadvantages. To avoid this it is always advisable to seek a debt collection agency that can assist the business in the task.1

An agency like Doubleaceassociates will ensure debt relief.

There are several benefits that come with using a debt collection agency. I am going to mention just a few of the important benefits.

  1. A debt collection agency will save the business some time as well as money. Debt may sometimes be time consuming and expensive and small businesses might lack the resources to do it and that is where this agency will be of good use.
  2. Since the agency acts as a third party when it comes to debt collection they are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to be able to clear the debt on behalf of the company.2
  3. Debt collection agencies have a high level of success when it comes to debt collection and they will be able to extract the overdue payments from the debtors.
  4. After the debt recovery is done and the company receives its monies the bad debts are not a must to be written off and it has proven to be advantageous to most companies and businesses.
  5. The payment of debts proves to be beneficial to the government since they will benefit from the taxation. This increases the funds in the government which will lead to increased public service resources.
  1. The use of a debt collection agency preserves the relationship between the debtor and the debited thus the customer will still be available. This agency will be able to handle debt collection with minimal damage to the relationship.
  2. Using a debt collection agency will enable the business owners and staff to be able to concentrate more on the business. This will help maintain the businesses status.
  3. Debt collection agencies have the right resources from information to technology to enable them to carry out this task. With the professionalism and knowledge of the agency plus the resources available the client is assured of success.images (3)

Be assured of payments

A debt collection agency is very reliable especially for business that tends to offer goods on credit and they want to maintain a good relationship between them and their customers. The agencies has qualified and well trained personnel who know how to handle these occurrences and with enough experience the debt can be paid faster than actually if the owner actually requested for the debt himself.

Having debts is something that most businesses cannot avoid but collecting the debt most of the time is the issue but with the agency he can be able to release himself from the stress of chasing the debt.

Double ace associates are a debt collection company that has had high success rates over time and ensures quality and efficient service is offered. With double ace associates you can be sure of results.


How Collaborating with a Debt Collection Agency can Bring Success

Most businesses and business owners can today enjoy maximum profits from their lucrative businesses due to their flexible possibility of working with a debt collection agency. In the past years, most companies have suffered the pain of writing off bad debts and dealing with debtors who are capable of making their payments at the right time.

There are many benefits that you can enjoy from collaborating with debt collection agency. The agency that you pick should be reputable and experienced staffs of dealing with such situations.

download (1)

Best opportunity to recoup funds

The biggest mistake that you should never do is to set out your own resources to secure payments of outstanding accounts. This is because the like hood of payment being made is usually very discouraging. Regular and specific follow up with clients is usually encouraged to ensure good payments of debts are made.

The case with the current generation is that there are debt recovery services which are particular specialized in chasing for payments and working hand in hand with your debtors. Hiring professional services is the best action since they have the skills, experience, expertise members, extraordinary knowledge and resources required. Again they do not have emotions or business customer relations that you do have.

Create time

Time can be defined in many ways but the when it comes to business it plays a vital role in its growth, expansion and success. When you utilize most of your time trying to collect debt, the truth is that you will have no or minimum time to concentrate in your business.

At some point follow up can be time consuming and very demanding if not done properly. The logic here is that it is a waste of time and resources calling the clients reminding them to clear the debt if you are not ready to follow up. Anytime you call it should be because you are expecting payments. Only few companies can afford to do this and at the same time making profits.


Professional services

Debt collection agencies operate strictly under stipulated laws and regulations which are well conversant with you and your debtors. Due to this professional knowledge and experience and skills which accompany recovering debts on a daily basis, debt recovery services are trusted with operation of working with debtors to settle payments and prevent financial misfortunes happening in your business.

Avoid bad debts in future

Bad debts are things that you should never allow to happen for your business presently or even in the future. Bad debts and late payment transactions in your accounts are things that can easily be avoided if you have clearly stated your terms and conditions of trade to your clients. When you remind them of those regulations before agreement and contract are signed then they will have no option but to oblige.

Debt recovery services in other words emphasize the imperative of having clear and understandable terms of conducting business that should always be explained to the clients for a deeper understanding. If this is what your business is suffering then it is only important if you incorporate the use of debt recovery service to help you in that operation.


Double Ace Associate is one of those few companies that will call your debtor directly via phone, field call or even through solicitor`s letter and make sure that they contact your debtors. One of the tactic strategies that they use in the first stage is by trying to settle debt payment without involving legal proceedings. However, if the debtor refuses to cooperate Double Ace Associate will advise you if legal action is necessary and if so if you can cater for the cost that would be involved. These are some of the services that make Double Ace Associate a top debt collection agency which cannot be compared with any. For more information concerning the company, you can Email: Admin@doubleaceassociates.com and you will not be disappointed by the support you will be given


Five Great Ways why a Debt Collection Agency is Vital

There are money reasons that can lead to the downfall of your lucrative business. For instance, if have one or more customers who cannot pay products provided or services rendered in time than most likely your business may suffer. The worst thing to do is to lengthen credit arrangements to your customers something that is usually unpopular. During your harsh business, conditions you can access the services of debt collectors to ensure your business does not suffer. Therefore, what can you exactly expect from a debt recovery service?


  1. Time and expertise

When you are building up a business or operating small business chances are very high that you will not have internal capacity or skilled expertise to follow up unpaid accounts. In fact, the suitable activity that you can do is to make a phone call remind debtors to clear their outstanding arrears. Debt collection agencies are usually hired because they have highly qualified staffs that are experienced, skilled, and specialized in following unpaid accounts and recovering funds. Another reason is that it gives you a special time to focus in the affairs and future expectation of your business.




  1. Understanding of practicalities and legal position

When it comes to legal practice and places it, saves equally to all companies no matter the size or volume of your business. Most businesses that have tried to add debt recovery of funds have usually failed terribly. The failure is because of lack of knowledge in the legal processes and practical considerations.

Debt recover services are usually in cooperated because they deeply understand and know how to work efficiently within the legal parameters involved in the payment of fund. The agencies also ensure that legal aspects and records of financial statements are prepared and thoroughly finalized.

  1. Tracing mechanism

At some points, debt recovery services have several range of tracking possibilities that use source of information that not relating to the companies themselves. Obviously, debt recovery service needs to track information about the business` debtors in a legal and peaceful manner. This is because agencies have necessary resources to conduct the operation as compared with the sole or single businesses.

  1. Success rate

The probability of paying debts before it is too late is very high as compared to making the payments after a long duration. The earlier the unpaid debts are chased up, the better, since you may be sure of the like hood of settling your account debts.

Businesses that lack the required time or human resources, it is better to outsource debt collection agency since they have got skills, expertise, knowledge and experienced needed settling debt. Again they can handle this operation in a professional and intelligent manner.

  1. Professionalism

Hiring debt collection agency should lift you business to the higher level. This is because they should be answerable to you at all stages of their progress, and they should conduct their operation in quite diligent and respectful way. They should ensure that they operate within the stipulated law. Any business or individual that engages the services of debt collection services should expect its debt to be converted into a paid account. This is best opportunity that a business can easily recover funds that it is owed by its debtors.


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Double Ace Associates are highly specialized in the collection of bad debts, commercial account receivable, and many other forms of debt collection services and recovery. They have received national wide operations, and they work seven days a week that means that they are always available. If you need to know, any of the following verifies debtor’s profile, the need to post legal litigation, enforcement proceedings and skip tracing. The business can also be easily contacted through this Email: Admin@doubleaceassociates.com